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SureSeal SS3000 3" Floor Drain Trap Sealer - wholesalewaterheater

SureSeal SS3000 3" Floor Drain Trap Sealer

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SureSeal 3" Floor Drain Trap Sealer meets the stringent new ASSE 1072 plumbing code standard for all floors and all floor drain flow rates. Patented engineered design creates no effective restriction on water flow. Every SureSeal product meets or exceeds all code requirements. SureSeal blocks dangerous and noxious sewer gas emissions from backing-up into living or working areas. SureSeal's Space-Age elastomeric neoprene material has been proven in plumbing industry uses for forty years and has been used in non-plumbing critical applications for almost fifty years of continuous use without degradation. Successfully tested with common cleaning solutions and other chemicals approved from drain disposal. Functions despite lodging of common debris (mop strings, food residue, etc.).
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