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Taco HLP-2 Hot-LinkPlus System w/ Hot-Link Valve - wholesalewaterheater

Taco HLP-2 Hot-LinkPlus System w/ Hot-Link Valve

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Taco Hot-LinkPlus reduces the time it takes for hot water comfort to reach showers and faucets. The Hot-LinkPlus features a smart circulator that learns household hot water usage patterns and makes hot water available at the same times the following week. If water usage changes the Hot-LinkPlus circulator adapts for you. It never needs programming! When no hot water usage is detected there’s even an automatic vacation mode. Designed for plumbing systems that do not have a dedicated return line. View more e-Smart Products Save your customers thousands of gallons of water each year.According to the Department of Energy, the average household wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water. That's energy, money and resources down the drain! Want to be a hero with your customers? Install a Hot-LinkPlus system.How the Hot-LinkPlus works.Hot-LinkPlus has two operational modes to fit the needs of any household. In Smart mode, it monitors and records the home's hot water usage pattern. In optional Pulse mode, the circulator pulses periodically to maintain hot water at all fixtures. In Vacation mode, which is automatically activated when Hot-LinkPlus detects no water use for 36 hours, the circulator turns off, and activates for ten seconds every seven days to prevent corrosion and scale buildup.

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