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Rheem Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Rheem carries several different lines of commercial water heaters - Triton SS Premium, Medium Duty Ultra Low NOX, Triton SU Base, Universal, Xtreme, Hot Water Supply Heaters, Medium Duty, Power Vent, and Power Direct Vent. Now it may be confusing and stressful trying to choose what heater to choose between these several lines however the vast majority of people will primarily be looking at the Rheem Universal series and the Rheem Triton series.

Rheem's Universal series consist of compact size commercial gas water heaters which have several water connections to help simplify installations. All these units come in at 80% thermal efficiency and are offered in models ranging from 98,000 to 399,900 BTUs, and also have a maximum temperature setting of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. These units are perfect for hotels, apartments, motels, restaurants, hair salons, and practically any other commercial application you could think of. The vast majority of businesses we work with tend to use either the G100-200 or G76-200. These models are 100 gallons and 76 gallons respectively, and offer 199,000 BTUs. When choosing a water heater like this it is crucial to understand the amount of hot water you need every minute/hour so you can choose the proper size of water heater. 

Rheem G100-200

Rheem's Triton series are an "upgraded" version of the universal series in a sense. These units are high-efficiency and also offer many technologically advanced features that the universal series does not. These units offer up to 98% thermal efficiency, leak detection, EcoNet WiFi integration, health checks, maintenance alerts, and more. These heaters are also power vent units compared to the Universal series being standard vent units. This means that the recovery and delivery rate of hot water will be much higher! These units would be perfect for just about any commercial application but especially those who need large volumes of water quickly and need to meet certain efficiency requirements! Most businesses use the GHE100SU-200 or the GHE80SU-200.

Rheem GHE100SU-200

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