Rheem Warranty Policy – Wholesale Water Heater

Rheem Warranty Policy

All Rheem Water Heaters come with Full Factory Warranty

Every heater we sell is new, meaning they come with a warranty. The warranty coverage varies from heater to heater. To find out what your warranty covers and how long it lasts please refer to the specification or warranty button on the product page. The warranty begins at the date of installation, so please ensure that the installation date is well documented.


On the specification sheet there will be a header that says "Warranty" and gives general information regarding the units warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Warranty does not cover any expedited replacement shipping cost. Buyer will be responsible for payment of shipping cost for replacement if requiring expedited shipping. Special order water heaters or non-stock water heaters may not be readily available for warranty claims.

Extended Warranty


Most of our water heaters will have the option for an Extended Warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased by checking the "warranty upgrade" button on the products page. These extended warranties are 2-year upgrades, meaning it will bring a 3-year warranty water heater up to a 5-year warranty.

To register your warranty, you will need to contact us after installation with the following information:

- Name of Installation Site

- Installation Site Address

- Model Number

- Serial Number

- Installation Date

Once we receive this information we will file the required paperwork with Rheem for the extended warranty.

How to submit a warranty claim

Before contacting us to claim your warranty please first call Rheem support to claim a warranty claim number. You can contact them at (800) 621-5622 or rheem.com/contact. Rheem support will work with you to troubleshoot the unit before giving out the warranty claim number. If they deem the unit is in fact defective they will then give you that number, and then you can contact us to fulfill that warranty.

When you contact us please be prepared to mail or send us a picture of the rating plate on the water heater. The rating plate is the sticker which has the serial number on the unit. See the picture please for an example.


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