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Rheem RTEX Instant Electric Water Heater

Rheem RTEX

Tankless electric water heaters are able to provide a continuous flow of hot water for either single point-of-use or multiple applications. There are a few different models Rheem offers: RTEX-04, RTEX-06, RTEX-08, RTEX-11, RTEX-13, RTEX-18, RTEX-24, RTEX-27, and RTEX-36. Smaller models such as the RTEX-04 and RTEX-06 are only capable of providing water to a single application (Sink, Washing Machine, Bath Tub, etc). Whereas other models could provide water to multiple. Each application has different GPM requirements, and depending on the model of RTEX there is a varying GPM rating which will support each of those applications. The charts displayed below give insight into what the ratings are of each RTEX model, and also the average GPM usage of applications.

Average GPM UsageGPM Chart